Charm Pendant "Cloverleaf Cubic Zirconia"

Charm Pendant "Cloverleaf Cubic Zirconia"


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• Charm made of 925 Sterling silver with zirconia stones
• Classic cloverleaf design with sparkling heart detail
• For individual combinations with Charm Club bracelets, necklaces and pendants

Good luck: The charm made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver in the shape of a cloverleaf is the perfect gift for birthdays, exams and many other occasions. With its sparkling heart detail, the piece of jewellery is also a perfect lucky charm. For this, the small heart in the cloverleaf is set with white cubic zirconia stones.
Equipped with a carabiner hook, the charm pendant can be worn as desired on a Charm Club necklace or bracelet. In addition, individual combinations are possible with other charms that reflect the personality or history.

Clasp: lobster clasp
Height: 26 mm
Materials: 925 Sterling silver
Width: 14 mm
Article number: 1733-051-14